– A Conservative And Patriot – 

Elect Wes Powell for Justice of the Peace,

Precinct 3, Johnson County, TX


Dedicated to Precinct 3

…Because You Don’t Get More Precinct 3 Than Me!


 As Much a Neighbor as a Candidate 

  • 42 Years of Service to Country and Community
  • 20 Years of Service in the US Navy
  • 22 Years of Service as a Peace Officer
  • Served 16 Years in the Johnson County Precinct 3 Court System at the Constable’s Office (now retired)
  • 21 Year Resident in Precinct 3
  • Staunch Conservative, Constitutionalist, and Devoted Christian
  • Married for 22 Years, Father of Two Sons, and Twice a Grandfather


For Questions or concerns, I can be reached at the following, and will do my best to respond in a timely manner:

Wes Powell, Candidate for Justice of the Peace – wespowell@electwespowell.com

Jim Cowell, Treasurer – jimcowelltreasurer@electwespowell.com

My Facebook page, which will have updates, correspondence, events, and the like, can be found below.